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To our ever supportive and honorable DepEd representatives, to our inventive and resourceful staffs of Mount Carmel College, teachers, spectators, friends, ladies and gentlemen, my fellow graduands, a warm and productive morn to all.

A momentous occasion for every high school student's life is naturally, his graduation day, and the most memorable one I might add. It is the height of his success, the product of his sweat and blood, as well as the many sleepless nights of anticipation and preparation for the daily challenges that life has to offer. It streams not from any other third party sources but it is an achievement that comes from within. It signifies maturity, the ability to cross multitudes of obstacles and reach a goal of unprecedented possibility.

It is in this moment that his long, tiresome journey of oppressive studies, laborious projects, irritating homework, uncomfortable atmosphere, moody teachers, unusual tasks, boring lectures, and high school drama culminates into one big fruit of crossroad- a crossroad that presents many opportunities and golden choices. It is a crossroad that marked a milestone of success- a milestone of immense growth and changes. It is an introduction to a broader arena of life- an arena with even bigger challenge to come and bigger ponds to conquer with bigger fishes to oppose.

And for this reason, we have come to this very day in this very place as graduands, awaiting the confirmation to be recognized as a fully equipped graduate whose knowledge and experiences which he gained deemed him responsible and well-capable enough of making it into what we call "The World of the Adults". And this very notion is even more emphasized as we opened our graduation rites with the theme: Carmelite Education, Catapult for Changing Lives, A Catalyst for Future's Success.

The knowledge embedded on us through years in this institution, although inadequate in most aspects are enough to equip us with the most basic of weapons to enable us to fend for ourselves in our lives as adults. And although it doesn't necessarily change our lives totally, it served a crucial role in developing ourselves as adults and as an intelligent individual.

Armed with the basic necessities amongst mental, physical, and emotional development, we can thus fully say that our long and arduous journey has born its fruit of maturity. However, as true seekers of truth and pursuers of knowledge, we must accept that our hunger for knowledge is not yet sated nor is our understanding of the world complete. And thus, we should not let ourselves fall victim to complacency. Let us not be satisfied with these simple knowledge that we have acquired in our years as high school students. We must learn to conquer new worlds and step into a bigger arena- the arena of reality and facing life itself.

As we marched out into the broader world and cast away our toga as meaningful memories, we must realize then that our graduation day is not the end, but a new beginning. And as we come to accept this, we are presented with new choices and thousands of possibilities of what we can become sometime in the future. And although most of us are already brainstorming for all the pleasant things and big things that we can achieve in our future times, let us pause for a few moments and savor this moment.

Pause a little and think back through all the times and all the things that became a catalyst to transform us into who we are now. Let us give time to pat ourselves in the back for the work well done, for the efforts of making it far into this stage of learning. So fellow graduating students, as we proceed into our graduation rites this day, I can only say good luck to all of us and thank you for all the people who helped us reach this level, especially our parents, teachers, relatives and friends. So once again, good luck, good luck, good luck and congratulations!


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Tricia Cubillas
Mar. 13th, 2013 01:05 am (UTC)
Your speech is inspiring and delicately created it seems that the passion, your heart and your memories throughout high school is reflected on what you made. I just want to inform you that I patterned my graduation speech to some of your lines. Thank you!
Mar. 13th, 2013 02:32 pm (UTC)
Re: Heelo
You're welcome. :) I'm glad the speech was able to inspire you. This was my Salutatory Address during my graduation and have received the honor to do the speech as the batch's Salutatorian.

I'm surprised you stumbled upon my old account. Though I should probably thank you, too. Your comment inspired me to revisit this account. :)
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